Adjusting to New Dentures Made Easy in Thiensville, WI!

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Adjusting to change, whether positive or negative, can sometimes be tricky. This fact is even true when it comes to oral appliances. For example, wearing braces or mouth guards for the first time can cause a person to slur or lisp. Fortunately, the awkwardness will fade after some time, and patients can regain their normal speech patterns.


People who are new to wearing dentures also have issues adjusting to the appliance. Not only does it tend to make speaking tricky, but eating foods as well. Millions who have availed of dentures around the world know that the key is to be patient. And to offer further support to patients, we at Dale Rottman, DDS prepared a month-long guide in getting used to dentures.

Day 1

Patients are highly advised to start by only eating foods that are gentle on the gums. Many denture-wearers can attest that doing so does make adjusting to the new appliance on the first day more manageable.

Day 2 to 14

Patients may experience hypersalivation, but there is nothing to worry about for this a normal bodily response, and it does go away on its own. The mouth thinks of dentures as a foreign body, so it tends to produce more saliva. Other than this, pressure on the nerves or oral mucosa, overextension of the appliance, the excessive thickness of dentures, and excessive vertical dimension (VDO) can also lead to increased salivation. Solutions include securing a perfectly fitted device, letting the gums rest, and sipping small amounts of water from time to time.

Sore spots in the mouth can also be experienced. To help patients, the dentist recommends rinsing with salt and warm water solution. If this issue lingers, booking a return appointment for a denture adjustment is ideal.

Day 15 to 29

During this time, the excessive salivation and soreness have decreased, And the good news is, patients are more likely to talk and eat as they did before. Patients can now be more confident to eat and speak without worrying about their dental appliance.

Day 30

After a month, patients can pretty much use dentures like their real teeth. Patients should remember to visit the dentist regularly for monitoring and professional assistance. Take note that dentists usually recommend the replacement of dentures every 5 to 10 years for patients to keep enjoying a fully functional appliance.

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