All About Six Month Smiles in Thiensville, WI

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Six Month Smiles is a new type of an orthodontic procedure used to align the teeth in shorter treatment time. As the name suggests, It can straighten the teeth in around six months achieving speedy and favorable results. Dale Rottman, DDS, offers this type of treatment to those who want to achieve faster results for their orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of Six Month Smiles

  • Quick results: The treatment would last for around six months while conventional braces can take a year or two for completion
  • Aesthetics: it uses brackets and wires that are clear or similar to the color of the tooth it is aesthetically pleasing . It helps patients to feel less self-conscious because it is less noticeable.
  • Fewer dental visits: Fewer adjustments, and tightening is required for the whole duration of the treatment.
  • Less expensive than conventional braces, since fewer dental visits are involved it is considerably cheaper.
  • Minimized discomfort: Materials used are light and fine materials, and it reduces the tension and friction applied to the teeth.
  • Custom crafted: Six months smile is a custom crafted for each patient to ensure the results that are specified and favorable for everyone.
  • No damage to any oral structures, compared to the traditional orthodontics, Six Months Smilesuses a lighter force to move the teeth at the front lowering the risk of damage to gums and tissues in the mouth.

How does Six Month Smiles work?

Six Month Smiles targets the front teeth by working the same way as the traditional braces. Using the same principles teeth are being aligned properly with the use of brackets, wires, and carefully applied to the patient’s teeth.

What are the dental issues that can be fixed bySix Month Smiles

  • Spacing or gaps (Diastemas) between teeth
  • Overbites and Open bites
  • Crowding
  • Uneven teeth (shape, size, or form)

Many Orthodontic treatments are offered in different dental offices; Better to consult a professional first to know the difference, benefits, disadvantage, costs, and suitability for your needs.

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