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For many people in Meuqon and throughout the Milwaukee area, having a great looking smile is very important. Thankfully, Dr. Dale Rottman and the team at Successful Smiles are able to provide this service to patients at a much lower cost through the use of ProVeneers™ veneers. Unlike traditional veneers, ProVeneers are applied in a pain-free manner that requires no shots and no filing down of healthy tooth enamel. These beautiful, natural looking veneers are also extremely affordable. In order to help Meuqon residents if ProVeneers are the right choice, we have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ProVeneer system used in our dental office.

Are ProVeneer Previews Computer Generated?

No! One of the questions we most frequently receive about ProVeneers relates to how and when you can see your “preview smile” with ProVeneers. The answer is right before the dentist permanently applies the ProVeneers to your teeth. This means there is no computer generated photos that could inaccurately display your new smile. While sitting in the dental office, you will be able to see the size, shape, and color of your ProVeneers. With the ability to see your new smile with your actual teeth, you can see exactly how your smile will look once the procedure is completed. Plus, because there is no need for expensive computer imaging, this helps reduce the overall cost of the process.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For My ProVeneers?

You will receive your new smile in just one visit to the Successful Smiles dental office. Because ProVeneers do not require extensive layering time, it takes only 15 minutes per tooth– including any in-house laboratory processing and cementation time. A typical patient can have ProVeneers placed on 4 teeth in about an hour. Essentially every ProVeneer system is implemented in one patient visit.

Will Getting ProVeneers Hurt?

No! One of the most important things to many of our Mequon dental patients is how much pain they will have to endure during a dental procedure. ProVeneers are installed using a pain-free application with no drilling, no shots, and more importantly, no filing off healthy tooth enamel.

How Long Will ProVeneers Last?

ProVeneers are intended to be a lifelong solution for Mequon dental patients looking to improve their smile. While traditional veneers are only expected to last about 10 years, ProVeneers can provide a lifetime of happy smiles. While regular touch ups will keep your ProVeneers looking great year after year, they are a permanent solution for your smile.

What Makes ProVeneers So Affordable?

Elective cosmetic dentistry is often very expensive, and most dental insurance policies do not cover these types of procedures. However, the ProVeneer system helps eliminate excessive costs in a number of ways. The installation of ProVeneers is very simple when compared to traditional veneers. There are no fitting appointments, no need for computer imaging, no need for dental impressions, and no need for temporary veneers to be placed while the final product is being created. By eliminating these extra steps in the process, ProVeneers are available at a much lower cost to our Mequon dental patients.

If you think ProVeneers might be the right choice for your smile, please contact us to schedule your FREE consultation and no obligation preview today!

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