Get Instant Smile Makeover in Thiensville, WI with ProVeneers!

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Anyone with teeth imperfections wishes to get an instant solution for their smile makeover. Thankfully, dentistry has developed multiple treatments that can provide better and natural-looking smiles with Veneers. Veneers are thin shell-like prosthesis placed on the enamel which closely resembles the color and form of the healthy teeth structures. It is to ensure the correction of the teeth irregularities without compromising its appearance and overall function.

Over the years, veneers were made from porcelain and composite to provide quick solutions for better smiles. But some people do not want to have their enamel shaved but at the same time want a more durable option than the conventional material used.

At Dale Rottman, DDS, we offer only the best treatments available that are effective, convenient and natural-looking for giving better smiles. ProVeneer is the newest procedure being offered to correct teeth imperfections like discolorations, chips, cracks, misshapen, slight misalignments, and excessive spaces.




Advantages of ProVeneers over Conventional Veneers

  • Smile preview is available when availing ProVeneers; it lets patient’s see the actual outcome of the procedure by placing a foundation material on the tooth’s surface. With the use of a curing light, the material will harden, once the patient gives a go for the treatment, the material can be easily removed by the dentist.
  • The placement of the ProVeneer only takes a single visit, unlike porcelain veneers which may require two or more appointments.
  • It is highly ideal for patients who want to get dental veneers but without the need for any preparation (slight shaving of the enamel). ProVeneer is thin, so there is no worry for any bulky appearance.
  • ProVeneers does not use CAD-CAM technology instead it uses specially formulated resin material that requires less time for its customization per patient’s teeth.
  • The procedure is affordable than conventional veneers since it can be completed in single visits. It also does not have any laboratory charge compared to custom-made veneers created from off-site laboratories.
  • It is a noninvasive procedure which is ideal for people who are hesitant and anxious to undergo any dental procedures.
  • The smile preview veneer does not require drillings and bonding agents which makes it easily reversible once the patient decides the new appearance of their teeth.

Improve the teeth instantly without compromising its appearance and function with ProVeneers!


Bring out your best smile with Veneers in Thiensville, WI, book your appointments with Dale Rottman, DDS! Call us to experience an outstanding treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful and healthy!