Odontophobia, or the fear of the dentist, is a common phenomenon shared by many people. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 75% of Americans have at least a mild fear of going to the dentist. However, with the combination of advanced technology and modern techniques, many of the things that previously scared dental patients are now a thing of the past. In order to provide our Mequon dental patients with the best possible care, Dr. Rottman DDS incorporates state of the art laser technology to make visits to the dentist as pain-free as possible. This modern dentistry style is often referred to as “gentle dental.” Nevertheless, even with the possibility of a painless visit to the dentist, many patients continue to be nervous about going to the dentist. We hope that this blog post will help explain the technology behind our gentle dental approach so that we can reduce dental phobias.


One of the most striking advances in the dental community has been incorporating the use of lasers. By using lasers to treat both teeth and gums, we are able to provide gentle dentistry that utilizes no shots and no drilling as part of the cleaning process. Lasers remove decay and plaque from the teeth in a completely painless procedure that prepares them for fillings.

Another capability of laser technology is cavity detection. By using CariVu to diagnose cavities at the earliest stages, Dr. Rottman and the rest of the Successful Smiles staff can uncover potential problems sooner than any other method. This allows us to correct a small problem before it becomes a major pain.

Additionally, Dr. Rottman uses a soft-tissue laser for the treatment of periodontal disease as well as the non-surgical removal of lesions. Using laser dentistry allows the patient to avoid having metal scrape against their teeth which is often a source of fear. Also, lasers offer another important advantage in that our dental office is able to treat patients without the use of anesthetics. Essentially, lasers help us perform

expert dental care with no discomfort to the patient, which helps lessen the fears of dental patients.


While modern X-ray machines are much faster and safer than they have ever been, many dental patients have a fear of the radiation. However, using digital X-rays allows us to use a much lower amount of radiation which can help ease anxious minds. Plus, because digital X-rays are faster and offer clearer results, our dental staff is able to get extremely accurate images of our Mequon dental patient’s teeth, in turn allowing Dr. Rottman to better treat every patient.


In addition to lasers and digital X-rays, the Successful Smiles office also uses amazing dental cameras. Not only are these cameras capable of helping diagnose problems that would previously be undetectable using traditional dental mirrors, they minimize the need to use dental mirrors altogether. This means patients who are scared of having metal dental instruments placed in their mouth have one less thing to be scared of during their regularly scheduled dental exams while also giving our staff the ability to diagnose issues more successfully.

If you are looking for Mequon dental care that is as pain-free as possible, contact us online today. Our gentle approach will hopefully ease your dental fears.