The Love-Hate Relationship of Coffee and Teeth in Thiensville, WI

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Everyone loves coffee. Who doesn’t, anyway? It’s the little cup that awakens those sleepy eyes in the morning and keeps people going all throughout the day. But along with the appealing and lovely effects of coffee comes the problem that most coffeeholics encounter: Teeth stainings. Fortunately, we at Dale Rottman, DDS have all the ideas to combat it.

People may notice the smooth texture of their front teeth. But did you know that the tooth enamel is composed of a matrix of rod-like crystals, that when inspected closely, have small pits? Worst is, the stains from colorful foods and beverages can get trapped into these tiny catches. The rough surface of the tooth due to plaque build-up can invite coffee staining as well. When stains reside on the outer layer of the teeth, it is known as extrinsic. On the other hand, discoloration that takes place in the inside of the teeth is called intrinsic. The latter, unfortunately, is more difficult to remove.


Teeth Whitening


Avoiding “Coffee Smile” At Its Finest

Keeping away from coffee, tea, or other highly colored beverages is the best way to get rid of teeth discoloration caused by the drinks. However, for most people, this might not be an acceptable and end-all solution. Instead of torturing yourself from not having a java sesh in a day, consider the frequency of your intake rather. We advise that you try sipping a cup of coffee for few hours as opposed to consuming it for a specific time as it can help reduce the amount of staining on your teeth.


Stain-Free Teeth: Tips

Follow these tips to maintain a white smile without sacrificing your love for coffee:

  • Even if you might look weird, try using a straw when quenching your favorite espresso. The drinking tool can help the liquid bypass your pearly-whites!
  • To avoid the accumulation of stains, make sure that your teeth are free from plaques. Always practice proper hygiene.
  • Throw off your tobacco or cigarettes.
  • Set your Teeth Whitening appointment with us at Dale Rottman, DDS for a beautiful, white smile.

Will you still have a love-hate relationship with coffee? Not anymore! As long as you learn how to minimize its negative effects on the teeth, you are free to enjoy it.


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