The Weirdest Things About Your Pearly Whites in Thiensville, WI

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They are the reason why your smile always looks beautiful. Teeth free you from the trouble of munching hard or crunchy treats like your favorite croissant and they are your pearly whites. But how much do you know them?

The teeth help people overcome their day-to-day tasks. From making the digestion process a lot easier, to assisting the person to pronounce the right words; the pearly whites are indeed everyone’s superheroes. But aside from these obvious facts about the teeth, there are other things about these white wonders that people might still do not know – some are even weird. Are you ready to unveil the exciting truths about your teeth? Read on below!


Teeth Whitening


Weird Facts About The Teeth

Tumors can show as teeth

People often think of tumors as lumps that consist of an irregular mass of tissue. But teratoma is not your typical tumor. This abnormal cell may grow various tissues such as hair, hands, eyes, and even teeth!

It is possible for a person not to lose their milk teeth

Children already got rid of their milk teeth upon reaching 5 or 6 years old. Their lost teeth are then replaced with a new set of permanent pearly whites. Although this is common to a majority of people, not everyone experiences this phase. There are some who still have their milk teeth intact despite their advancing age.

Brushing can be harmful to the teeth

Despite brushing being an essential oral care routine, the practice can place a threat to the pearly whites when not done accordingly. For instance, a person who brushes their teeth right after consuming a glass of orange juice or slices of pineapples can increase their likelihood of ruining their tooth enamel.

There’s a culprit to yellow teeth

What is your smile’s shade? Is it flawlessly white, slightly brown, or yellow? If it is the latter, you might have a worn down enamel. The yellowing of the teeth happens when their outer surfaces are weakened. Moreover, other means can also affect the luster of the pearly whites. These include exposure to coffee, tobacco, and other teeth-staining foods.

The teeth can still improve

Did you know that you can make your teeth appear white and brighter? With the help of our dentist at Dale Rottman, DDS, everyone can give their smile a boost! We offer professional teeth whitening that can provide patients with up to 8 shades lighter teeth – thanks to the revolutionary capabilities of KöR whitening gel.


Give your pearly whites the right care! Perform the proper oral hygiene practices, see the dentist for regular checkups, and visit us at Dale Rottman, DDS for Teeth Whitening in Thiensville, WI. We are located at 413 N. Main Street, Thiensville, WI 53092.