Three Tips to Encourage Children to Brush Their Teeth

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It is challenging to get children in the habit of brushing their teeth. However, it is an essential practice that should never be ignored to assure that their oral health is on track. To make this possible, even for parents who are already too busy with their schedules, they must be armed with ideas to make this process go much easier.

One is by letting children take advantage of the benefits pediatric dentistry offers to. Here at Dale Rottman, DDS, some of the dental services for children that we offer include complete checkups, preventive treatments, restorations, and emergency. And since we understand the struggles that parents go through to get their child to brush their teeth and keep it healthy, we have prepared a list that can provide help along the way.

toothbrush with a tooth paste

Good oral hygiene routines should start early

Long before the teeth start bursting through, parents can trial teething babies with flannel on their gums. Doing so will get the baby used to the idea of something being inside their mouth. For toddlers, there are bristle-free training toothbrush or those with soft rubber bristles to massage the gums. This will get them familiar with the sensation of their teeth being brushed. Parents helping a child brush their teeth until they can do it themselves is a great way to encourage this habit. 

Lead by being an example

Children love to imitate others. This way, it is better to teach great habits by showing them. It is ideal for parents to brush with their children twice a day. If this is turned into a family routine, children will see that they are doing the right thing too. The practice will also help children perform oral care techniques right, especially when parents are showing them how to do it properly.

Let children choose their own toothbrush

Parents can take a child out to shop for their age-appropriate toothbrush. They might pick something with their favorite character on it, or maybe a toothbrush that plays music. Nevertheless, if children can choose their own toothbrush, they are more likely to look forward to using it.

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