Why Should Patients Consider Fluoride for Their Oral Health – Thiensville, WI

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Dentistry provides a wide range of services made available to cater to the different dental needs of the patients. These procedures can ensure that the teeth and oral structures stay healthy for overall wellness. Aside from this, there is also a naturally occurring mineral that effectively protects the teeth against decay and cavities. This useful substance is known as fluoride. It can be readily taken from foods and water.

As people consume foods, minerals can either be added to their teeth (remineralization) or diminished(demineralization). If too much mineral is lost, the teeth become more vulnerable to damage, that is why it is essential to get the adequate amount as much as possible. While fluoride may be present in most foods, its amount is insufficient to keep the teeth protected. Oral products like toothpaste and mouthwash also contain fluoride, but due to demineralization, it is still not enough.


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Here are the reasons why children and adults should undergo a professional fluoride application:

  • Fluoride acts as a coating for each tooth to keep out harmful substances like plaque and bacteria.
  • It can reverse the earliest effects of tooth decay to prevent it from spreading further or becoming a cavity.
  • Young children can benefit from fluoride applications by preventing premature loss of baby teeth. While these will eventually fall out, it should be given proper care because they are essential for the appropriate eruption and growth of the permanent teeth. Once the primaries are damaged, it can affect the child’s chewing, digestion, and even speech.
  • Professional fluoride applications are more concentrated than those found in oral products; therefore it is more effective in keeping the teeth protected.
  • While it is usually recommended for children, adults should also undergo the procedure to protect their teeth from possible decay. Anyone at any age can benefit from the procedure for healthier teeth.
  • Children who are still learning the proper dental hygiene techniques and those who are not able to eat enough fluoride-rich foods can benefit from the professional fluoride application procedure to guarantee that they too can receive the adequate amount recommended.
  • The procedure is safe and easy. The application performed by the dentist can be completed in a few minutes making it ideal for children or to those who are usually terrified of dental procedures.

At Dale Rottman, DDS, we make sure to help our patients in any way possible. To better assist with their oral health, we offer Fluoride Applications for the prevention of tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride effectively strengthens and combats the earliest signs of damage for better health and wellness.


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